I attended the Interviewing on Wall Street Panel for my first professional development event.  The speakers included professionals from several sectors of the finance and business world.  The panel was led by George Coleman (VU ’78), who is the Managing Director of the Investment Banking Division and Vice Chairman of Global Equities at Credit Suisse.  The panel included directors and advisors from JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, BMO Capitals, and Morgan Stanley.  In addition to these Villanova graduates, two seniors (Kathleen Barr and Katharine Macomber) spoke about their summer internship interview process at Barclays.

       The panel focused on how to ace an interview on Wall Street.  The main advice given was to be prepared.  The speakers explained Super Day interviews and how the interviewers were prepared. They explained how appearance is very important and that you should be speaking over 80% of the time during your interview.  Mr. Coleman went through a list of five characteristics that employers are looking for which included variations of intelligence, teamwork, and problem solving.

      This event really opened my eyes to the idea that I must prepare for my interviews.  The speakers stressed that and interviewee must know something about the job and company he or she is interviewing for.  Having prepared answers for common questions or themes is also important.  I also learned that subtle changes in attire can have an impact, such as wearing a dark shirt instead of a light shirt.  Overall, this panel was a positive experience to me, as it made me start to think about my career and preparing for it.